The holidays are here, and with them come a lot of celebrations. Families are reunited and spend a lot of time eating new foods. Some of this food can be harmful to our teeth, making it important to learn some tips on protecting our teeth during the holidays. We’ll take a closer look at some of these methods of protection below.

Create an Oral Health Routine

We all know the holiday celebrations are quite engaging, but that does not mean you should neglect your oral health. Coming up with a repetitive oral health routine is vital in protecting our teeth. Brushing your teeth and gargling at least twice a day after a meal will keep your teeth healthy and keep you away from reactionary doctor visits. You should also floss your teeth at least once at the end of your day.

Include Some Healthy Veggies in Your Meals

Vegetables are not only good for your gut and overall health; they are also good for your teeth. Much as the holidays are a time to indulge in all the good foods you have been staying away from, try to avoid too much sugar. Indulging in cakes, sodas, and other sugary foods will not only ruin your waistline, but it will also have you visiting the dentist for more than a routine checkup at the beginning of the new year.

Eat sweets during meals rather than after meals. Snack on healthy foods like carrots and bananas, and include veggies like cauliflower, cucumbers, and broccoli for your overall health and good teeth.

Don’t Use Your teeth as Can Openers

The temptation to look cool while popping drink cans with your teeth is difficult to avoid. I mean, what are the holidays for? Do not use your teeth to open cans, presents, snack bags, and so on. This can weaken your enamel over time. What’s worse is that this activity can break your teeth if you have weaker edges.

Drink Water

You must have heard that water is life and our bodies are 70% water. Drinking water after meals to wash off any remains that may have stuck on your teeth is a healthy habit we should practice during and after the holidays. If you can, drink water with fluoride to strengthen your teeth and keep them healthy.

Avoid Teeth-Staining Drinks

Healthy and strong teeth are important, but so are sparkly white teeth for your confidence. You do not want to lose your pearl-white smile during the holidays. While red wine is full of healthy anti-oxidants, you might be staining your teeth with every sip. You can opt for light-colored drinks and beverages if the last thing you want on your new year’s budget is teeth whitening expenses. Many light-colored drinks are equally tasty and delicious.

Honor Your Dental Appointments

If you are scheduled for a dental appointment during the holidays, honor your appointment. The holidays can be a busy time, but you should not forget your scheduled dental visits. It is much better to catch any dental issues in the early stages before they progress to a cavity or worse. If you feel the need for a dental check-up after the holidays, make an appointment for a clean-up and whitening if you think there is a need for it.

These are some simple expert tips you can use to protect your smile during the holidays to avoid impromptu dental visits after the new year begins. Happy holidays!

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