Very few people look forward to their annual dental visits, but making going to the dentist a priority is crucial to healthy teeth and gums. Regular dental visits may not always be the most pleasant of experiences, but there are many important reasons to visit your dentist regularly.

Annual Cleanings

No one is perfect at brushing and flossing regularly, but even the most diligent people can easily miss those hard to reach places. This can lead to plaque building up and becoming tartar, which is difficult to remove. Regular a teeth cleaning in San Marcos helps to get rid of plaque and tartar early. Prevention can mean avoiding a lot of headache later on.

Fixing Bad Habits

There are many types of habits you may fall into that have serious health implications for your mouth and gums, and you may not even realize it. At your dentist visit, your dentist can detect early damage caused by things like too much caffeine, smoking, or grinding your teeth. These habits can then be modified in order to help prevent further damage.

Prevent Gum Disease

While the dangers of gum disease may seem decades away, the reality is that years and years of tartar build up can lead to gingivitis, which eventually leads to gum disease. The implications of gum disease are severe. It causes gum tissue to break down and even the bones that hold the teeth into place can begin to break down. Teeth may loosen and fall out, and it will require an extremely expensive and invasive surgical procedure to try and limit the damage. Clearly, early detection and treatment of any issues that may lead to gum disease are extremely important.

Oral Cancer Screenings

While oral cancer may not be one of the most well known forms of cancer, this is all the more reason to make screenings a priority. Oral cancer can appear in a variety of ways, which can make early detection difficult. However, it can progress and become very serious very quickly. Early detection can help catch symptoms while the issue is treatable. Dentists can use a non-invasive procedure to detect early signs of oral cancer which could save your life.

X-Ray Checkups

While this may often be overlooked, there may be problems that exist in your teeth and bones that aren’t apparent on the surface. Injuries to the face and head can result in significant damage to the teeth and jaw. There may also be problems such as tumors, cysts, or bone decay that require an x-ray in order to be detected. Taking the time to look into these issues can prevent further complications down the road.

Even though a trip to the dentist is often not one’s favorite way to spend a morning, there are clearly many benefits to scheduling regular appointments. As with many areas, early detection and prevention are much preferred to waiting until emergency dental care is required. Regular checkups will ensure healthy teeth and gums for decades to come, and will also work to prevent costly and invasive medical procedures in the future. For more information about the benefits of visiting your dentist regularly, or to schedule an appointment, contact the office of Dr. Larry D. Molenda, D.D.S., the best dentist in San Marcos Tx.