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A healthy, beautiful smile starts at home. It’s easy to not pay your teeth much mind until your next dentist visit, but there is actually a wealth of steps you can take and habits you can form to take care of your own smile and prevent problems yourself. All of this starts with knowledge, and this blog aims to be your source. Check in to arm yourself with all the information you need to keep your smile in optimum condition.

Dental Health

Dental Health is a very important part of living a healthy lifestyle. The San Marcos Dentists at Larry D. Molenda are here to teach you as much as possible about dental health from the vitamins you should consider taking to early signs of gum disease and everything in between. If you ever have any dental health questions, please reach out to our experts in San Marcos, TX.

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Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene is an important step to achieving dental health. We will go over different food and drinks that can be good (and bad) for your oral hygiene, as well as how to keep your gum and teeth in good condition, and everything in between. If you have any questions about your oral routine or health, reach out to the experts at Larry D. Molenda for advise.

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Preventive Care

Whether you enjoy or hate dental visits, following these preventive care tips can help you keep your dentists visits to the minimal amount. From eating the right foods, to using the proper cleaning tools, we are here to help you keep your teeth clean, gums healthy, and avoid future dental issues. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your preventive practices, our dental experts at Larry D. Molenda are always happy to help.

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Professional Care

Are you in need of a dental crown or dental implants near San Marcos? Regardless of your dental professional needs, we are here to make sure you know everything you need to know before you ever step foot in the dental office. Professional Care can be a lot less intimidating with just a little extra knowledge, and our staff is always happy to answer your questions. To book your next dental crown appointment, or other procedures, contact Larry D. Molenda. We can answer any questions you might have before hand and make sure you are all set before your next visit.

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Relaxing Environment

Our goal is to make you feel at home and as comfortable as possible in a dental office.


Here, You’re Family

We won’t market any products or persuade you into treatments you don’t want.


Unique Surroundings

All rooms have views of the outdoors, where you can see birds and other wildlife.


Gentle, Personalized Care

We make every effort to meet your unique needs in a loving, caring manner.


Advanced Procedures

From root canals to treatments for several common problems.