Digital Dental X-Rays in San Marcos

Dental X-Rays in San Marcos, TX

X-rays are a useful tool for dentists because they help uncover what can’t been seen with the naked eye. With high-quality x-rays, Dr. Molenda can provide an accurate diagnosis and help determine the best steps to take to improve your dental health and restore your smile.

These x-rays can be a necessary part of a thorough diagnostic process, and without them underlying symptoms may stay hidden until they’ve caused damage. X-rays are a fast and simple way to examine your teeth and the bone and gums that support them.

If you’re experiencing any oral health issues, or if you haven’t been for a dental check-up in a while, contact Larry D. Molenda, D.D.S. to set up an appointment today! As an experienced dentist in San Marcos TX, he can discuss any questions you may have about your dental health and help keep your smile beautiful & healthy.

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