Reasons You May Need a Filling

There are different reasons why you may need to get a filling or fillings. Dental fillings make it possible to save your teeth, and they are used for much more than simply filling a space that a cavity leaves behind. Typically a filling will last anywhere for five years to a couple of decades and is often used when cavities form and to the decay sets in. A filing will seal up the holes that are left behind by the drilling out of any tooth decay that was there before. You may also need to get a filing or fillings if you grind your teeth.

Teeth can fracture for different reasons and fillings are useful if you have a fractured tooth. You could fracture your tooth in many different ways. You could fall, or you could be in an auto accident or even in a sporting event. Any type of contact made with the mouth area can quite easily cause a fracture to one or more of your teeth. Aging can also cause teeth to become more brittle, and they can break off more easily.

Fillings are an effective solution for after you have lost teeth gradually. When a tooth is damaged the very structure of the tooth is compromised, and a filling can help to repair any further damage.

How to Know When You Need a Filling

Your dentist will decide whether or not you need to get a filling. You will get a visual exam but if further inspection is needed your dentist may also explore your teeth with an exploratory metal tool. Your dentist may also use a dental tool that will stick to the decayed parts of your teeth or an x-ray to detect any tooth decay that may be present.

Materials Used in Fillings

There are different materials that are used to complete tooth fillings. Amalgam is a metal-based dental filling that is widely used to fill teeth. It is metal-based and has been treated extensively for use as a filling material. It contains a trace amount of mercury which is a toxin, but when it is bound to other components, it becomes safe for use as a dental filling.

There is also an amalgam alternative that is a posterior composite which means that it is tooth-colored to match our existing teeth so you can handle tell that you even have fillings. It is also the strongest as well as the most durable way to restore teeth.

Posterior composite is a resin-based dental filling and is also used for fillings. The main advantage to using this material is that it that it is safe and cost-effective. It does tend to wear out more quickly than amalgam but is more affordable if you are looking for a quick fix until you can afford a better alternative.

If you need to get a dental filling, it is a common practice that you can feel safe about getting done. Both methods have been tried and true, but it really depends on your budget and how long you want to keep your fillings in shape.