Wearing braces is important and can yield positive results; results that can change your life. However, wearing braces can be uncomfortable at times, especially when the wires are adjusted.

The process of creating braces 

To ensure that your braces turn out well, an orthodontist, during follow up visits, will adjust wires and monitor the progress to ensure that your teeth are moving as they should toward their expected positions.

During regular visits, an orthodontist may tighten or replace the thin wires that run from bracket to bracket. Sometimes the added pressure that is put on teeth and gums from the tightened wires can cause irritation and discomfort. When this happens, mild bleeding, inflammation or tooth sensitivity occurs. The pain that occurs is temporary and normal. 

Tips that lessen pain and sensitivity

There are several tips that will help reduce pain and sensitivity such as using ice packs. If newly tightened braces cause soreness, try applying a cold ice pack to the areas that are uncomfortable. Ice will reduce swelling, inflammation and reduce pain. Another tip is to seek cold foods and drinks. Popsicles and ice cream not only taste great, they also act as a numbing agent and reduce inflammation. Swishing with salt water also helps. Try swishing for one or two minutes with a warm salt water solution. 

Modifying your diet is also important 

Modifying your diet is another way to reduce pain and sensitivity of wearing braces. For example, avoid hard, crunchy foods like raw vegetables and chips. Instead, choose soft foods like mashed potatoes, yogurt, soups and yogurt. You can also take an over-the-counter pain reliever such as Tylenol or you could apply an oral anesthetic like Orajel. Keep in mind; discomfort that comes from braces will soon end, as your teeth adapt to your new braces. 

Health benefits of wearing braces 

There are many health benefits of braces such as an improvement in dental hygiene; straighter teeth are much easier to clean. Another benefit is teeth protection. Those who have an irregular bite often endure uneven stress and impact on certain teeth in their mouth. Over time, this can lead to other dental problems such as a need to replace or repair damaged teeth. Most importantly, braces provide a better and easier way to eat. 

Social benefits of wearing braces 

There are also social benefits of wearing braces; especially when it comes to elevating a person’s self-esteem. Some patients are embarrassed because they think that their teeth look unattractive and often feel uncomfortable in social settings; however, by wearing braces and having straighter teeth, they feel more comfortable and accepted in social settings. Actually braces can boost a person’s confidence and provide a better and more fulfilling future.

To conclude, wearing braces is important and can yield positive and beautiful results; results that can change a person’s life. Talk with your dentist or orthodontist soon and find out more!