If you’ve always wanted a smile that stands out, having straight teeth can certainly help! If your smile could use a bit of straightening, look no further! You’re not alone, many residents in the San Marcos, TX area wish they had smiles that looked a bit better. Thanks to genetics, among other factors, we aren’t all born with perfect teeth. No matter what caused your teeth to be crooked–genetics or otherwise–it doesn’t matter, we’ve got a solution!

Many people shudder at the thought of having to wear metal braces for any length of time–sometimes well over two years–and we don’t blame them! That’s why we offer Invisalign treatment, which has rapidly grown in popularity over the years as an alternative to “traditional” braces. They often work faster, they’re more comfortable, and they’re very low-key.

Are you ready for Invisalign, San Marcos? We offer this state-of-the-art treatment for our patients provided by the dentist San Marcos residents can trust – Dr. Larry D. Molenda, DDS.

If you have any friends or family that have had (or currently have) braces, they’ll likely confirm that the they were painful and inconvenience. Too many remember the awful taste of brace wax that was often necessary to protect the inner portion of the lips. But you don’t have to settle for the same outdated technology! Invisalign is a game changer and provides superior comfort and convenience.

We mentioned earlier that treatment with traditional metal braces can take 2+ years (sometime less), but Invisalign often works much quicker. We often see the desired results in as little as 6 to 18 months. Plus, you can remove them at any time, which is a fantastic convenience–but be sure to wear them as directed. They don’t cut your gums up, and are, in fact, quite comfortable compared to the metal alternative. They’re discreet, the people you’re talking to likely won’t be able to tell you’re wearing them at all!

It’s no wonder people prefer Invisalign over metal braces. More and more people are choosing them for teeth straightening each day; if you’re considering a straightening treatment, we highly recommend looking into Invisalign!

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If you want to get your teeth straightened but don’t want to deal with the hassle of metal braces, contact us today to discuss an Invisalign treatment! We’d be happy to see if they’re the right fit for you and get you set up if so! We encourage residents in San Marcos, TX and the surrounding areas to consider straightening their teeth with Invisalign, and we’d love to help you get a smile you can be proud of!