Did you know that the electric toothbrush works more efficiently compared to the manual brush? It does so because the electronic toothbrush has electronic bristles that are propelled via electricity. The propulsion aids the friction between the teeth, paste and the bristles leading to an intense cleaning. Research has shown that the electronic brush has more flexibility and precision when it comes to cleaning. Here is a guide on the merits to enjoy when giving this brush a consideration compared to the manual one.

Please exercise thorough precaution and seek clarity from the particular company responsible for the particular product. Here is a list of detailed research that should be at your disposal incase you decide to switch to an electronic brush.

Important Parts of Using an Electric Toothbrush

1. Hand, Mouth and Bristle alignment

You need to tilt your hand with the brush in your mouth to have a comfortable posture since the brush has a little more weight than the normal brush. Another reason is to create a flexible brushing environment because the brush has a broader handle compared to the normal one. After doing this, turn it on and feel the intense bristle movement clean your teeth. Most electronic brushes have different angles of movement that a manual brush cannot reach.

2. Brush and Hand Movement

Since the bristles are on a constant movement, position the brush depending on the flexibility of the hand. Move it from side to side, then front. After which, you need to open your mouth and clean the inside part of the teeth from lower to upper jaw. When you do this in 40-45 seconds interval, the teeth will be clean. Don’t forget to put the brush in all different angles to ensure you reach every part of your mouth.

3. Rinse and Check

Rinse your mouth with adequate water and see the difference. The brush does the cleaning without having to apply any large amount of pressure. Unlike the manual toothbrush, the electronic brush cleans without having to force the bristles in and out in circular movements. Making sure you brushed your teeth thoroughly is also very important.

Electronic Toothbrush as Compared to the Manual Toothbrush

The electronic toothbrush is better compared to the manual brush due to the superfast movement of the bristles. The time and effort it takes to clean using a manual brush is much more so than that of using an electric toothbrush. Bacteria and tartar that hide between the teeth are removed more effectively with the use of the electric brush.


It is more advisable and convenient using the electric toothbrush for cleaning your teeth. The amount of cases of decay to the teeth and gums as a result of improper brushing is numerous. Electric toothbrushes help cut this down by a large factor. It is also of an economic importance to spend on healthy and efficient products like the electric toothbrush.