Game day is fun to watch with a group of friends. Many people find that watching the game can be even more fun when watching it with snacks as well as friends. However, many game day snacks can be calorie laden and filled with fat. This doesn’t have to be the case at all. As those who do online fundraising tips know, there are many ways to make such game day snacks a better eating choice.

Incorporate Vegetables

Any good diet is one that ideally has at least five servings of fruit and vegetables each day. Any good party holder knows that people love the crunch and texture of vegetables. They’re also low in fat and calories. Help make them even more appealing by blanching the vegetables before serving them with a low fat dip. Blanching means abruptly placing them in hot water. This will brighten the colors immediately and make them easier to digest at the same time.

Make Your Own

As so many people who help do online fundraising tips, homemade is best. Even if you don’t do much cooking, you can always learn. Making your own means you control the amount of calories in the food. You also control the amount of salt and other additives here. A few simple recipes are easier and cheaper than you might have imagined. For example, no need to buy store bought chips. Instead, cut up a few squares of tortilla and then fry them. What you have is homemade and tastier as well.

Use Lower Fat Versions

Game day snacks need not mean avoiding traditional favorites. Create favorites like Buffalo wings but with lower fat versions of ingredients. Use a low fat diary dipping sauce rather than the standard blue cheese version. Bring out tomato based dips rather than other kinds of dips that have more fat. Create a baked potato bar but also keep the toppings light. Bring out the vegetables and bacon substitute for toppings to help keep the calories at bay.

Emphasize Protein

Protein is filling and helps keep hunger pains at bay. Ideal choices include low fat versions like chicken and turkey. Make kabobs with either meat. Marinate in healthy spices like rosemary and thyme with a touch of citrus fruit. Place in the microwave initially and then on the grill for a quick flavor touch. Another source of protein are beans and rice. Beans and rice are easy to eat when watching a game. Have a large bowl of spiced black beans on hand with a bowl of healthy brown rice right next to it. Guests will feel fuller and more full of energy as well as they have a healthy meal.

Keep Desserts Light

Sweet does not have to mean full of calories. Take advantage of sweet fruit purees and use them in place of full fat to make cakes or brownies. Bring out a bowl of roasted nuts dipped in honey and cinnamon for fat that is known to be heart healthy. Use classic but healthy American ingredients like pumpkin and sweet potatoes to makes pies that your guests will like as you celebrate the game day.