While the idea of getting braces is usually not met with joy, the end result is worth the process. Summertime may, in fact, be the best time to get braces for several reasons.

1. Less Stress

Once the school year begins, children do have responsibilities to meet. There is homework, of course, but may include other activities they enjoy participating in such as sports, band or chorus. Although they may even enjoy school and some of these activities, there is some stress related to them. Most students require medical physicals early in the school year to attend school or for sports participation.

While visiting the dentist may be one of these necessities, it would be easier to get the dental checkup before the school year begins. If braces are necessary, as determined by the dentist and an orthodontist, summertime is a good time to begin wearing them. The stresses of school are not in place yet and it gives the child some time to get accustomed to them before school starts. Since the summer months are generally less stressful for parents and kids, obtaining braces during that time of year, if possible, allows a time of adjustment before school begins. Beginning the school year with a few weeks of just getting used to the braces first will reduce the child’s stress by allowing them to experience an adjustment period as they begin orthodontic treatment.

2. Comfort


When braces are first worn, they can sometimes cause some minor pain and may require a few visits to the orthodontist for adjustments. Establishing a relationship with the orthodontist and getting used to wearing braces will be easier in summer. During the early stages of orthodontic treatment, the child may feel pinching or pulling of the appliances or wires. It may require a few extra initial visits during an adjustment phase. This is totally normal and kids will get used to the braces in due time. Occasionally, they can take acetaminophen for minor pain. This early discomfort will be better endured while the child is still home on summer vacation and has more free time. 

3. Early Maintenance and Care

Being at home while undergoing initial orthodontic treatment will allow the child time to get used to the cleaning protocol. Of course, cleaning their appliances and braces will require extra care the child did not have prior to wearing braces. Since proper cleaning after each meal is quite important to prevent decay and infection, it works out well for parent, child and orthodontic team that it is begun during summer vacation. This helps establish a routine they can be used to by the time school begins.