Dental care products come in many varieties to ensure there’s an option that will work for everyone, and flossing is no exception! Traditional floss may not work for everyone, so there are a wide variety of options to fit every individual’s differing needs. Check out these popular options below:

Water Picks

A new and little known option for flossing is the entirely string-free water pick. Water picks are a great option for anyone might have difficulty using string floss.

There are many reasons traditional floss might not be the best option for someone’s oral hygiene. String floss can be difficult to hold and maneuver for some. For those with braces, having to thread floss between each bracket can be difficult, and sometimes cause string floss to tear. If you’re dealing with sensitive gums, water picks can be less painful that flossing may be.

Water picks work by using a pressurized stream of water to remove food particles and bacteria from between teeth, similar to some tools you may have seen in your local dentist’s office.

It should be noted that these are referred to as “picks” and not “flossers” because they aren’t quite as thorough as traditional floss, though certainly better than using nothing at all. They’re great for supplementing a regular flossing routine, or as mentioned previously, for those having difficulty with traditional floss. 

Dental Picks

Another better known option that can be used is dental picks. These tools use the same material as traditional string floss, but strung across a plastic “U” shape with a pick that doubles as a handle. Dental picks are another great option for anyone that struggles with holding or maneuvering traditional floss. The shape of these small, disposable tools can also make flossing hard to reach areas of your mouth much easier.

Traditional Floss Varieties

Traditional floss is obviously the most common flossing tool. It usually comes in waxed, unwaxed, and tape varieties. These flosses come on a roll, usually in a handy plastic dispenser, from which you can reel out as much or as little as you need to use.

These are also a favorite because they are often available in flavored varieties. Common flavors include peppermint, cinnamon, and spearmint.

Traditional floss is one of the most effective flossing methods. The floss does an excellent job of removing food debris and bacteria from between teeth, and helps prevent the build up of plaque. If done regularly, flossing with traditional string floss won’t even irritate your gums.

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