Having cracked or chipped teeth will affect your smile, and it may negatively impact your self-confidence. The best option for repairing chipped teeth would be a dental bond. A dental bond is one of the cheapest ways to cosmetically repair your teeth, and they are also a good option when it comes to filling in gaps between teeth. The process is relatively simple, with most cases only requiring one office visit. If you do chip your teeth, try to save those broken pieces. Saving them may make the dentist’s job easier when it comes time to repair them.

The Process

The material used in dental bonding is a soft, dough-like resin that is molded into the desired shape. Before the resin can stick onto the surface of the tooth it first needs to be sanded gently; sanding the surface of the tooth creates an ideal environment for the resin to fill into. A solution is then applied to the tooth that allows the resin to adhere to the surface. The process of getting a couple teeth bonded takes between 30-60 minutes.

Caring For A Dental Bond

Dental bonds, which are also known as tooth bonds, are also very easy to take care of. They last the longest when applied onto teeth that normally don’t bite with a lot of force, like the front teeth, and on average last at least ten years. Depending on your habits and dental hygiene you may need to have the bonds whitened or touched up every year.

After getting a dental bond you should think about what exactly caused your tooth to become chipped. After reflecting you should try to avoid that thing, or at least approach it with some caution. You should also avoid biting into hard things with the tooth bond. If you have a habit of eating ice you should chew on the side that does not contain the dental bond. If you chew on pens, pencils, and other non-edible objects you should stop that habit as soon as possible.

Should You Repair A Chipped Tooth

Many people will end up having a chipped tooth at least once during their lifetime. While teeth are strong, sometimes it does not take much to chip one. It could happen while participating in a sport, or while doing something as simple as eating. The majority of chipped teeth won’t greatly affect your physical health. Some chips are so small that you can’t find the chipped off part. However, the smallest change in your smile can affect how you see yourself, and it is your opinion that matters the most.

If a chipped tooth has been bothering you for some time, considering consulting a dentist in San Marcos about dental bonding or other options. If you have recently chipped a tooth and still have the chipped piece, contact your dentist as soon as possible. If you would like more information about options for repairing a chipped tooth, contact the office of Dr. Larry Molenda, D.D.S. in San Marcos, TX.