Clear aligners are a popular choice for those who want a straighter smile without having to deal with braces. The most obvious benefit of aligners is that they effectively straighten teeth without compromising aesthetics. They are well-known for being invisible, removable, and requiring much less maintenance than traditional braces. However, there are a multitude of other benefits to using clear aligners that go beyond their main purpose and notable features.

Better Dental Hygiene

Patients who opt for aligners often find themselves brushing and flossing their teeth much more often than normal. This is likely because they’re instructed to do so before they put their aligners back on, even if they’ve only removed them to eat a small snack. These patients are also usually visiting the dentist more frequently to ensure the treatment is going as planned. This results in overall better dental hygiene, so when the aligners come off the patient is left with a straighter and healthier smile.

Avoid Common Issues with Traditional Braces

It’s no secret that most patients who choose clear aligners do so in part to avoid the look and upkeep of traditional braces. There are other reasons aligners are the preferred option, though. Metal braces can cause a host of less widely known issues including discoloration, difficulty flossing, and oral abrasions. Discoloration is unsightly and an irritating side effect after having spent so much time and money to get a straighter smile. Ineffective flossing can cause health issues and bad breath. Oral abrasions are painful and can make consuming certain foods or drinks difficult. By using aligners, patients avoid these issues altogether.

Reduced Treatment Time

While traditional braces require around two to three years to fully straighten teeth, clear aligners typically only take about 12 months to achieve the same results. Of course, treatment times will vary from case to case but it’s likely that aligner treatments will take less time than braces for most patients. This is a huge plus for those who want to see results quickly.

Get Rid of Other Unhealthy Habits

Nail biters, frequent snackers, and cigarette smokers might find that clear aligners help them do more than smile confidently. An unexpected side effect some aligner wearers have reported is that their treatments have actually helped them kick these bad habits. Since aligners create a smooth surface over teeth, nail biting becomes difficult and sometimes patients will drop it completely. Removing aligners to constantly have a snack or take a smoke break becomes tiresome, especially since patients should be brushing and flossing each time. This can lead to some people cutting down on boredom eating and finally overcoming nicotine addictions.

These are just some of the many reasons one might choose clear aligners over traditional braces. This simple and effective treatment has gained massive popularity because of these benefits, along with its discreetness and success rate. If the above pros sound relevant to your life and needs, clear aligners might be the best option for you too.