Between the ages of 17 to 25, it is likely that young adults will experience the growth of their “wisdom teeth”. Despite their dignified moniker, these third molars do not bring a lot of wisdom or comfort at all. They tend to grow in crooked or overcrowded mouths, leading dentists to suggest that they’re removed as soon as possible in most people. The removal process, however, is far less painful and complicated when you have the wisdom teeth extracted at a younger age, so it’s important to catch the problem sooner rather than later. Below are some of the signs that will tell you when it will be necessary to have your wisdom teeth extracted.

Limited Space for Eruption of Wisdom Teeth

When you have a limited space to allow the wisdom teeth to erupt in your mouth, the dentist will note this sign and advise you to have your wisdom teeth extracted. The reason behind this decision is that the areas of the gum surrounding it will be difficult to clean. It will be done to prevent inflammation and infection of the gum which can be easily spread to the other parts of the gum and teeth.

Crowding of the Teeth

If you note that your teeth have grown or emerged at an awkward angle, you should consult your dentist. They may also cause pain in the tongue and cheeks and other parts of the mouth. Teeth crowding will not only cause you discomfort but also make it hard for you to clean your mouth, which could lead to various oral infections which are of course dangerous to your health. It will be important for the wisdom teeth to be extracted to prevent this from occurring.

Stiffness on your Jaw

If you start experiencing jaw stiffness or feel tense more than normal, your wisdom teeth could be emerging. However, the stiffness could be a result of impacted wisdom teeth. These teeth become impacted when they are not able to make their way through your gums, with the results ranging from discomfort to excruciating pain.

Partially Emerged Wisdom Teeth

If your dentist finds that you have wisdom teeth that have not fully emerged from the gums, or if they could be growing near the nerves of your lower jaw, he may recommend their extraction. You will be experiencing a lot of discomfort and pain as the first signs and the dentists will help you get to the root cause of your pain. As the wisdom teeth develop, they will create a passageway which will cause you a host of problems. This area will be difficult to wash, leading to the collection of bacteria that can cause oral infection and gum diseases. It is therefore wise to have them removed before their roots develop fully. When they are removed when you are still young, you will be able to recover fully from the surgery.

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Wisdom teeth can cause discomfort, infection, and crowding when they grow crooked or overcrowded. San Marcos oral treatment options are available to remove them when they cause limited space, crowding, jaw stiffness, or partial emergence. Early removal is less painful and prevents oral infection and gum diseases. If you are experiencing any of the above signs, contact Larry Molenda, D.D.S., based in San Marcos, for a proper diagnosis and oral treatment options.