Oral cancer is a growing problem today, and it’s important to have oral cancer screenings done annually. Three very good reasons to have your dentist perform an oral cancer screening have to do with the increasing incidence of oral cancer in young people, and the screenings are quick, painless and inexpensive.

The Young Are Increasingly Vulnerable

Many people associate oral cancer with older people. Dentists are now seeing an increase in oral cancer cases among young adults. Some theorize the increase in oral cancer among young adults may be linked to their increasing exposure to the human papillomavirus. HPV has been linked to oral cancer and medical professionals have identified people between the ages of 25 and 50 years of age to be of particularly high risk for developing oral cancer as a result of it.

Screening Are Simple

The oral cancer screening test is fast, painless and affordable. It can be done in a dentist’s office in 5 minutes. That means there is no reason to stop people from having the screenings done. The reasonable costs of the tests means that just about anyone can afford to have the test done and give themselves the peace of mind of knowing they don’t have oral cancer.

Early Detection Helps

Early detection of oral cancer can make a dramatic difference when it comes to successful treatment outcomes. With a quick 5 minute test your dentist can identify the presence of cancer or pre-cancerous conditions and recommend treatment or lifestyle changes to prevent oral cancer or stop its growth. Early detection increases the survival rate to more than 80% especially if the person doesn’t smoke or chew tobacco, drink alcohol in excess or contract HPV.

The oral cancer examination usually takes about 5 minutes. The dentist does a simple visual check of the inside of your mouth as well as your lips and face looking for signs you have cancer or precancerous conditions. Should oral cancer symptoms be detected, further tests are done and a course of treatment is outlined. Early detection can save your life, so be sure to get screened each year. Schedule it for during your annual check up and cleaning. Prevention and early detection is the best way to prevent oral cancer. Smoking or chewing tobacco, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, contracting HPV and having too much exposure to the sun can all increase the risk of you developing oral cancer. Avoiding those things will help.

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