Proper oral care is such an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Not only does having healthy teeth and gums boost your confidence, but taking care of them can help you avoid a world of unnecessary discomfort, physically and financially. While you might not feel like you need a lesson on oral care, it is always good to brush up on something as important as teeth cleaning in San Marcos, Tx.

Keeping a Routine

Even if you are not the “routine type”, your oral care should be something that is consistently done daily at the same general time in order to ensure you will not skip over it. One of the last things that you should do before getting into bed is brushing and flossing your teeth. Plaque is developed by the bacteria in your mouth, and a lot of this bacteria comes from left over food particles, so brushing thoroughly is important. In addition, you should be brushing your teeth at some point in the day time as well (mostly likely this is a part of your morning routine). 

Replace Your Toothbrush 

Because you want your toothbrush working at full capacity, you will want to replace it every three months or so. When those bristles start to wear down, they can’t clean your teeth nearly as well, and you do not want to be leaving anything behind when you are brushing. You might also consider an electric toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes often have oscillating brush heads which are more likely to leave your teeth as clean as possible. Ask your family dentist in San Marcos for an electric toothbrush recommendation that covers your specific teeth needs. 

How to Brush

It is important that you thoroughly brush all sides of your teeth and also your tongue. While brushing back and forth in a straight motion might feel like the most natural approach, you want to brush the outside and inside of your teeth in small soft circles. Brushing in circles promotes healthy gums, while brushing in straight back and forth lines doesn’t give your gums the attention they need. Because the biting surface part of your teeth don’t have contact with your gums, you can brush those back and forth. To properly brush the inside, outside, and biting surface of your teeth, you should be spending between two to three minutes brushing total. If you are having a hard time brushing long enough, consider purchasing an electric toothbrush with a built in timer which vibrates and beeps, notifying you when to switch sides. 

Regular Teeth Cleaning In San Marcos

Aside from brushing and flossing your teeth at home at least twice a day, you want to have regular professional teeth cleanings scheduled twice a year. These cleanings will help prevent plaque build up that can cause you serious problems down the road. In addition to keeping your teeth clean, a trained professional will be able to foresee any issues that could be developing that you would never know about otherwise. By brushing your teeth regularly and properly and have your teeth professionally cleaned twice a year, you will not only avoid paying extra money down the road in dental costs, but be able to have confidence in your big beautiful smile as well!

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