Our discussion of supplements for improving oral health continues here today as we cover the best supplements, vitamins, and minerals for dealing with specific issues. As mentioned previously, be weary of snake oil salesmen. This includes aromatherapy, holistic medicine, and anything that has non-specific and unresearched components that make wide claims of curing dozens of different ailments. In our last discussion we went over vitamin D and calcium for helping keep your teeth and jawbone strong, and for helping them absorb by following the calcium with the vitamin D. We covered vitamin C’s ability to improve gum health and collagen production, and B3/B6/B12’s helpful effects on canker sores and inflammation. Today we will especially focus where we can on those vitamins and minerals that the general population tends to be deficient towards. As always, whatever form of supplement you take, try to stay away from those with heavy carbonation.


Phosphorous is an ingredient, like vitamin D, that helps calcium intake into your body. It also combines to help promote general bone structure health, which includes your teeth. This is similar to vitamin D’s effects, but ultimately needs to be taken in pill form or eaten from various dairy, meat, and whole grain food types. When it comes to vitamin D, you can always stand outside to get your daily fill from the sun within a quarter of an hour.


Magnesium is actually not a traditionally thought of supplement for oral health. But it turns out that a huge portion of the population, upwards of 60% by some studies, is extremely deficient. There are a huge number of negative side effects from under consuming magnesium, which we all need, and many benefits to consuming it. You will be regular, have increased mood, and have increased vitamin absorption. Another important effect that we will be going over here is a negative side effect remedied by getting your daily magnesium intake up. When you are magnesium deficient, you actually tend to clench your teeth, as your body tends to have less control without it. If you have a problem when it comes to grinding your teeth, you may find that magnesium fixes it, and can even fix your sleep patterns.


Your body also relies on a complex system of beneficial microbiotic life to digest our food. We all know of the myriad of biotic life that we use in our gut, but lesser known is that this process begins with your mouth. By having the balance of probiotics off, a lot of problems are caused. In fact, if you are a frequent sufferer of bad breath, it may be the microbial citizens of your body causing it. Taking probiotics introduces the helpful ones back into your life, and helps reduce tooth decay by making sure that the pH level inside of your mouth does not get too acidic. This effect of helpfulness will also help other parts of your body, as it all works together. The inflammation of the mouth is also sometimes caused by not having the proper balance. It is for all these reasons we recommend taking pro/prebiotic supplements.

We hope this list has helped you identify solutions to any problems you may be having, and remember to ask us about any questions you may have at your next doctor visit! If you are looking for more information, contact the office of Dr. Larry D. Molenda, D.D.S. located in San Marcos, TX.